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Press release28 March 2022Representation in Cyprus1 min read

Future of Europe: first debate on Conference proposals wraps up

The Conference on the Future of Europe is in its final phase, following last weekend's exchanges on preliminary draft proposals across all themes.

Plenary of the Conference on the Future of Europe, Strasbourg, 25-26/03/2022

The Plenary and the nine Working Groups started working on the Conference's final proposals at a meeting held on 25 - 26 March in the European Parliament in Strasbourg with the possibility of remote participation.

Preliminary drafts, prepared by the Chairs and citizens' spokespersons and assisted by the Common Secretariat, were discussed by all members of the Plenary: citizens, MEPs, national parliamentarians, representatives of the Council, the Commission, social partners, civil society and representatives of local and regional authorities. These drafts were mainly based on recommendations from the European Citizens' Panels and national panelsideas gathered through the Multilingual Digital Platform, as well as input from the debates of Plenary and Working Group sessions.

Vice-President for Democracy and Demography, Dubravka Šuica, said: “The Conference on the Future of Europe is a celebration of our values. In light of what is now occurring with the brutal aggression against the people of Ukraine, it is clear that we need it more than ever. I was greatly encouraged to see how much progress has been made at this crucial stage in the process. I was also heartened to see the continued commitment to reaching proposals by consensus, with citizens always firmly at the heart of the process. I look forward to this vital work continuing in this spirit in the weeks ahead.”


The next Plenary session is scheduled for 8-9 April in Strasbourg, where Working Groups will present their consolidated proposals. The Plenary is expected to put forward its final proposals by consensus to the Executive Board in late April, so that the final report can be delivered to the Presidents of the EU institutions on 9 May in Strasbourg.

For More Information

Recordings from the Working Group meetings are available on Parliament's Multimedia Centre. Catch up with the Plenary's debates using the following links:


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28 March 2022
Representation in Cyprus