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European Commission Representation in Cyprus
Press release5 July 2022Representation in Cyprus

Digital Services Package

Weekly meeting of the von der Leyen Commission, 25/05/2022

The Commission welcomes the adoption by the European Parliament of the Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Actproposed by the Commission in December 2020.

The Digital Services Package sets out a first comprehensive rulebook for the online platforms that we all depend on in our daily lives. These new rules will be applicable across the whole of the EU and will create a safer and more open digital space, grounded in respect for fundamental rights.

Executive Vice-President for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager, said: “The European Parliament has adopted a global first: Strong, ambitious regulation of online platforms. The Digital Services Act enables the protection of users' rights online. The Digital Markets Act creates fair, open online markets. As an example, illegal hate speech can also be dealt with online. And products bought online must be safe. Big platforms will have to refrain from promoting their own interests, share their data with other businesses, enable more app stores. Because with size comes responsibility - as a big platform, there are things you must do and things you cannot do.”

Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton said: 10 years ago, a page was turned on too big to fail' banks. Now — with DSA & DMA — we're turning the page on too big to care' platforms. We are finally building a single digital market, the most important one in the free world'. The same predictable rules will apply, everywhere in the EU, for our 450 million citizens, bringing everyone a safer and fairer digital space.”

The adoption of the Digital Services Package in the first reading by the European Parliament follows the political agreement that has been reached by the co-legislators on the Digital Markets Act on 24 March and the Digital Services Act on 23 April this year. The new rules will be enforced by the Commission for the largest online platforms active in the EU. The Commission is taking all necessary steps to be ready to take up this role upon the entry into force of the rules.

Next Steps

Following the adoption of the Digital Services Package in the first reading by the European Parliament, both texts now have to be formally adopted by the Council of the European Union. After their signature, the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act will be published in the Official Journal. Both acts will enter into force 20 days after their publication in the Official Journal, in autumn this year.


The Commission made its proposals on the Digital Services Act and the Digital Markets Act on 15 December 2020.The European Parliament and Council reached a political agreement on 24 March 2022 on the Digital Markets Act, and on 23 April on the Digital Services Act. Updated Q&A documents are available for the DSA and the DMA.

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Publication date
5 July 2022
Representation in Cyprus