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European Commission Representation in Cyprus
Press release17 December 2021Representation in Cyprus1 min read

Democracy and values: first citizens’ recommendations for the future of Europe

Around 200 citizens from all over Europe came together last weekend in Florence where they discussed and made recommendations on issues relating to European democracy, values and rights and the rule of law and security.

European Citizens’ Panel

Ensuring respect for rights and non-discrimination, protecting democracy and the rule of law, reforming the EU, building European identity, and strengthening citizens’ participation were among the issues covered by the first set of recommendations delivered by citizens in the context of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Meeting on 10-12 December 2021 at the European University Institute in Florence (Italy), the participants in the European Citizens’ Panel on “European Democracy / Values and rights, rule of law and security” adopted a set of 39 recommendations which will now be presented and discussed in the Conference Plenary and which will feed into the final proposals.

Citizens not only came up with a call for action on very concrete issues important to them such as guaranteeing the right to privacy, promoting gender balance and common values, fighting disinformation and stimulating active participation and citizenship but they also explained what they want to achieve and why it is important for them. 

The four European Citizens' Panels, comprising 200 panellists each, are a citizen-led process and a cornerstone of the Conference on the Future of Europe. Their deliberations take into account citizens' contributions collected from across Europe via the Multilingual Digital Platform and events held across the Member States, and supported by presentations from prominent academics and other experts.

Citizens were randomly selected by specialist contractors, using methodologies to ensure that they are representative of the EU's diversity in terms of geographic origin, gender, age, socioeconomic background and level of education.

Each European Citizens' Panel will come up with recommendations to be presented and discussed in the Conference Plenary which will then put forward its proposals on the Future of Europe to the Executive Board.

Everyone can share ideas and contribute via the Multilingual Digital Platform.


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17 December 2021
Representation in Cyprus