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European Commission Representation in Cyprus
Speech23 June 2022Representation in Cyprus1 min read

Statement by President von der Leyen at the joint press conference with President Michel and President Macron on the EU membership applications by Ukraine, Moldova and Ge

I can be very brief, because this is a very defining moment and a very good day for Europe today.

I warmly congratulate President Zelenskyy, President Sandu and President Zourabichvili. All three countries are part of our European family, we have never left any doubt about that. And today's historic decision by Leaders confirms that.

It grants all three the perspective of EU accession and it lays down the path ahead. I think that this is a moment of great satisfaction. I am very pleased with the Leaders' endorsement of our opinions. There can be no better sign of hope for the citizens of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia in these troubled times.

Of course, the countries all have homework to do before moving to the next stage of the accession process. But I am convinced that they will all move as swiftly as possible and work as hard as possible to implement the necessary reforms. Not just because they are required to move ahead on the European accession path, but first and foremost because these reforms are good for the countries, good for the democracy, because it strengthens the competitiveness of all three countries, and ultimately they are good for the citizens.

Let me stress that I am deeply convinced that the decision that we have taken today strengthens us all. It strengthens Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia, in the face of Russian aggression. And it strengthens the European Union. Because it shows once again to the world that the European Union is united and strong in the face of external threats.

Thank you so much.


Publication date
23 June 2022
Representation in Cyprus