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News article22 July 2022Representation in Cyprus

Agriculture: Commission approves a new geographical indication from Cyprus

‘Makaronia tis Smilas / Makaronia tou Sklinitziou’

The Commission has approved today a new protected geographical indication (PGI) from Cyprus: the ‘Makaronia tis Smilas / Makaronia tou Sklinitziou’, a type of hand-made dried pasta, made by mixing durum wheat flour with a little salt and water, and/or by mixing another type of flour with semolina, salt and water. The characteristics of ‘Makaronia tis Smilas / Makaronia tou Sklinitziou’ are the result of the know-how and local expertise of their producers. Specifically, the special tool used to make the pasta is of great importance. The thin reed-like stem is carefully selected. Another skill producers need to make this pasta is the placement of the pasta in drying baskets in such a way that the pieces do not touch one another. ‘Makaronia tis Smilas / Makaronia tou Sklinitziou’ are often consumed during festivities or special occasions. The new denomination will be added to the list of existing 1587 agricultural products and foodstuffs. The list of all protected geographical indications can be found in the eAmbrosia database. More information online on quality schemes and in our GIView portal.


Publication date
22 July 2022
Representation in Cyprus